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goner || originally by twenty one pilots 

as always with this song, i was just feeling it tonight. quick little thing, hope you like it.

p.s. olivia odetsleep i know this isn’t implicit but this is for you, too


one day i will not be so scared of my own head

i dont know if every body really hates me or if my own head tells me everyone hates me and wants me dead but either way they both suck reall y bad

my whole body feels heavy and im sure theres not fucking point to anything rn

Anonymous: Tbh i think about u a lot just in my daily life. I wonder how you're doing and if you're okay and if you've eaten enough etc

i think about all of yo uso muhc thank you so fucki gn much

Anonymous: i don't think you understand the definition of a clique a group of lots of fans isnt a clique, its too big, cliques are very small tight knit groups. that isnt not what twenty one pilots are about they are not about pushing others away, can you honestly tell me clique is the best term for twenty one pilots fans. honestly, that we're not willing to accept others or that we wont readily let others join our group. is that honestly the representation we as twenty one pilots fans should want?

i dont fucking know okay we’re not even theo nesth at made it up okay fucking tyler joseph did arlight

im literally not fucking in the mood to be yelled at again so if you could please stop

i want to be thought about as mcu has i think abou everyone else


this is so fucking stupid dude i don t even know what im heven here this is literall s o dumb and im try ing to ge t love from the people that dont even care the yh ate me so much liek what even iskeeping me here ri ght now i dont underst and why i am trying so har d and fo r what i what even is the fucking point of this dude i cant do th is anymroe